Revenge (Part 6)

This is the life. I wonder why I never used that pink stuff before now? Craig wondered to himself absentmindedly, admiring the four blonde beauties kneeling before him, cum dripping down their tits to their naughty bits.

He had it made now. Craig had put up Linda and Lynn’s houses for sale, forging their signatures, and used the proceeds to move into a swanky downtown apartment with his four beautiful conquests. They spent their days cooking, cleaning, and fucking. Either him, or each other, it hardly mattered. When the money began running out, Craig got jobs for each of the women, suited to their new talents. Lindsay became a wildly successful cam girl, her cute smiles and big tits raking in thousands from losers over the internet. Lynn would seduce and blackmail rich politicians and businessmen who always found her irresistible, pocketing their fortunes and their dignities. Linda started stripping all over the downtown, and soon earned a reputation for her flexibility and stamina on the pole. Lacey didn’t get a formal job exactly, but instead began working as Craig’s personal secretary. For some reason, she’d retained some basic intelligence, and he needed help managing the investments he began to make with the money his bitches brought in. For all her remaining organizational skills and business acumen though, most of the time Craig used her to relieve his stress throughout the day, which she was more than happy to do.

All in all, Craig was pretty happy with his life, and judging from the looks on his bitches’ faces, so were they.



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