Revenge (Part 1)


Craig couldn’t believe it. He’d been scrolling through his phone, when he saw this. His girlfriend Lacey, drunk at a party, slobbering over some random guy’s dick. After she’d said that she was going over to her friend’s place to study. It hurt.

Not that Craig hadn’t suspected anything. His girlfriend had been acting different recently. Staying out later than usual, brushing him off, ducking questions, a lower sex drive around him. She’d angrily denied it when Craig accused her of cheating on him, but now he had proof. He was furious.

Soon after he saw the picture, Craig ran into his room and retrieved an unlabeled bottle of mysterious sweet-smelling pink liquid. His grandfather had given it to him on his 18th birthday, but he’d never had the nerve to use it. He thought it was immoral. He still thought that, but he was consumed by a need to get revenge on his girlfriend.

And he knew just where to start. He pulled out his phone again and dialed in a number. “Hey… hey is this Lindsay? Ya its Craig, Lacey’s… boyfriend. Listen I need to come over…”


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