The ‘Cumpetition’ Part 2

It didn’t take long for the word to get out.

Seconds after cumming all over his neighbour’s face, Mark heard a knock at his door. Looking up, he saw Lola, his flatmate, already stripped down to her socks and a pair of lacy white panties. “Alright slut, I think its time for you to leave” she said, unceremoniously pushing Jessica out the door.

“Wait… hey, I wasn’t done! That’s my camer-” She protested as Lola threw her clothes out into the hallway after her.

Before Mark could say anything, Lola was already on the bed, adjusting the camera Jessica had left behind. “Hope that bitch doesn’t mind us using this,” she giggled, reaching her hand out to Mark’s stiffening cock, “‘Cause I want at least 2 or 3 takes to get this right.”156757_04big


The ‘Cumpetition’

Mark couldn’t believe it. He’d won the lottery.

Or rather, a kind of lottery. He’d entered into a random draw on one of his favourite porn sites, kind of as a gag. Basically, the winner of the draw would receive $10 million to give away to whoever could give him the best blowjob. Anyone woman was free to participate, so long as he consented, and they agreed to have a video of their ‘entry’ posted on the porn site for anyone to see. Even though Mark wasn’t getting any financial compensation out of it, he could hardly complain.

Especially when, within 30 minutes of him being announced as the winner, his beautiful neighbour Jessica knocked on his door, camera in hand.