Revenge (Part 6)

This is the life. I wonder why I never used that pink stuff before now? Craig wondered to himself absentmindedly, admiring the four blonde beauties kneeling before him, cum dripping down their tits to their naughty bits.

He had it made now. Craig had put up Linda and Lynn’s houses for sale, forging their signatures, and used the proceeds to move into a swanky downtown apartment with his four beautiful conquests. They spent their days cooking, cleaning, and fucking. Either him, or each other, it hardly mattered. When the money began running out, Craig got jobs for each of the women, suited to their new talents. Lindsay became a wildly successful cam girl, her cute smiles and big tits raking in thousands from losers over the internet. Lynn would seduce and blackmail rich politicians and businessmen who always found her irresistible, pocketing their fortunes and their dignities. Linda started stripping all over the downtown, and soon earned a reputation for her flexibility and stamina on the pole. Lacey didn’t get a formal job exactly, but instead began working as Craig’s personal secretary. For some reason, she’d retained some basic intelligence, and he needed help managing the investments he began to make with the money his bitches brought in. For all her remaining organizational skills and business acumen though, most of the time Craig used her to relieve his stress throughout the day, which she was more than happy to do.

All in all, Craig was pretty happy with his life, and judging from the looks on his bitches’ faces, so were they.



Revenge (Part 1)


Craig couldn’t believe it. He’d been scrolling through his phone, when he saw this. His girlfriend Lacey, drunk at a party, slobbering over some random guy’s dick. After she’d said that she was going over to her friend’s place to study. It hurt.

Not that Craig hadn’t suspected anything. His girlfriend had been acting different recently. Staying out later than usual, brushing him off, ducking questions, a lower sex drive around him. She’d angrily denied it when Craig accused her of cheating on him, but now he had proof. He was furious.

Soon after he saw the picture, Craig ran into his room and retrieved an unlabeled bottle of mysterious sweet-smelling pink liquid. His grandfather had given it to him on his 18th birthday, but he’d never had the nerve to use it. He thought it was immoral. He still thought that, but he was consumed by a need to get revenge on his girlfriend.

And he knew just where to start. He pulled out his phone again and dialed in a number. “Hey… hey is this Lindsay? Ya its Craig, Lacey’s… boyfriend. Listen I need to come over…”

Revenge (Part 5)


Craig groaned as he shot another load over Lynn and Linda’s faces, savouring the sight of the two horny bitches licking up his cum. He’d been taking turns fucking each of his conquests for the better part of the day, taking them in every position, hole, and room of Linda’s house. Every time he’d get tired or felt drained, he’d take a small swig of the sweet pink liquid, and suddenly his cock would harden again and he’d feel like he could run a marathon.

In the other room he heard the door open. He looked at his watch. Right on time. He thought to himself, wiping the last of his cum across Lynn’s pink lips.



Craig turned around and saw his girlfriend, Lindsay, standing in the hallway, staring daggers at him as he stood naked over the two giggling bimbos she didn’t yet know to be her mother and grandmother.

“You haven’t answered any of my calls all day, and then you invite me to my grandmother’s house and see you like this!” Lacey screamed, “Who the fuck are these sluts… No, you what, fuck you! You know I cheated on you with Travis right?”

“I’m fully aware,” Craig responded, looking over Lacey’s shoulder, “Okay Lindsay, just like I showed you.”

“Lindsay? Is my sister he-” Lacey was cut short as Lindsay snuck up from behind and grabbed her by the hair. Tilting Lacey’s head back, Lindsay poured a cup of sweet pink liquid down her sister’s throat, causing her to gag and splutter.

“What the fuck was that?! Who are you… woah… what was in that… uh, I feel weird.” Lacey mumbled, falling to her knees.

Craig watched, contented, as Lacey’s figure began to change. All over her body, Lacey’s hair began to recede, with the exception of her head, where it began to sprout blonde roots. Her lips puffed up and turned a dark shade of red, while her skin cleared of any blemishes or spots. Her tits, barely a B-cup before, ballooned out from her chest, while her waist slimmed, and her ass developed into two round globes.

It was so arousing that Craig could already feel his dick boiling over, although that might have been a side effect of the sweet pink liquid. He walked forward, his conquests timidly gathering behind him, and pushed Lacey back onto a nearby sofa. He brought her hand to his cock, pulsing with anticipation. He came in long, thick ropes, splattering her tits, her neckline, and her face, before wiping the last drop off on her forehead.


“This is what you deserve for being a cheating little slut, isn’t it?” Craig demanded, “Do you want my cock, Lacey?” Lacey nodded timidly, reaching out to grasp him, as her other hand hovered around her pussy and her hair continued to turn blonde.

Revenge (Part 4)


And then her grandmother.

Craig had always though Linda looked good for her age. Even in her 60s, the woman had a handsome smile, full breasts, and a toned body.

She’d never liked Craig though. He never knew what it was, but every time he’d met Lacey’s grandma, she’d made no effort to hide her disdain, constantly belittling him on his job, his prospects, his manners, even his looks. Lacey had never stood up for him, since everyone knew that Linda was the undisputed boss in the family.

She’d been to hardest for Craig to acquire. As soon as he showed up at her door, she took one look and slammed the door in his face. But he had a back up plan. He snuck into her house later and slipped the sweet pink liquid into her whisky cabinet.

That night, after what Craig judged to be enough time for Linda to get into her whisky, he knocked on the door again.

This time, the Linda that came to the door looked nothing like the hag he knew. This one, standing completely naked in the door way, looked like a Barbie doll. Platinum blonde hair, long manicured nails, dick-sucking lips, two plastic beach balls sticking off her chest, and completely hairless from the neck down. Damn, how much did she drink? Thought Craig, looking her up and down.

He was rougher with her than the others. Lots of frustration to get out. After a few seconds, he stepped in through the doorway and held her by the shoulders, pushing her forcefully onto her knees, where she fell on her new plump butt with a squeak. He then unbuckled his pants and with the door still open shoved his cock down her throat.

She gave another squeal of surprise at the sight of his cock, which turned into a gag. After a moment her newly bimbofied throats muscles relaxed and she let him fuck her throat, which made an obscene Gluck Gluck Gluck that could be heard down the street.

After a few minutes of rough face-fucking, Craig finally unloaded himself onto her face, using her hair to wipe himself up.


Not so judgemental now when you’re drowning in cum are you? Craig thought as he picked her up and bent her over the nearby couch. “Stay like that slut,” he ordered as he pulled his phone ot of his pocket to dial in a number, meanwhile lining up his already stiffening cock against Linda’s ass, “I think I’m gonna invite a few people over.”

Revenge (Part 3)


Her mom came next.

Craig had always had a thing for Lacey’s mom, Lynn. Her shapely figure, long brown hair, and most of all smoky, seductive eyes had caused her to catch him ogling more than once.

Although she never said anything, he’d noticed over time she’d started teasing him, knowing that her body turned him on. Low-cut tops, bending over the pick things up, the occasional wink here and there. It never went further than that, but Craig suspected that she was feeling a bit lonely since the divorce with Lindsay’s dad.

So it had all been a bit too easy for Craig to invite himself over for tea one day, and offer to bring his ‘special recipe,’ a sweet pink liquid with he slipped in along with the milk and sugar.

“You’ve always wanted to suck this cock haven’t you?” Craig asked, as the newly bimbofied Lynn dropped to her knees in front of him, discarded the top she’d just moments ago been trying to tease him with. “You’ve been acting like a both in heat since your husband left, huh?”

As she struggled to hold onto her inhibitions, intelligence and memories, slipping away as her bust expanded, her roots turned blonde, and her lips puffed out, all Lynn could manage was a timid nod.


Maybe now Lacey will believe me when I tell her that her mom’s coming on to me. Though Craig as the last reservations of the  blonde bimbo kneeling in front of him slipped away, and she reached into his pants to fish out his cock.

Revenge (Part 2)


Her little sister was first.

Lacey had always been overprotective of her little sister Lindsay, who might have been the most innocent-to-the-ways-of-the-world person Craig had ever met. Having just turned 18, she’d never drank, smoked, and was definitely still holding onto her V-Card.

All of which made her incredibly naive, and all the most easy for Craig to convince to drink the sweet pink liquid he offered her.


“Who’s my little slut now?” Craig asked as the newly transformed Lindsay loudly slurped on his cock. “Mmph-mm… I am!” She cooed enthusiastically. Even though the process had erased most of her memories, it felt like she was making up for all the missed experiences she hadn’t had over the years.

Try to be overprotective of her now Lacey! Thought Craig as he unloaded all over Lindsay’s new bimbofied face and tits.