A Bit Clumsy

Laura and Cindy had 1 too many cups of wine that night, and decided to try something they’d always been interested in but had never had the nerve to do… body-swapping.

While hesitant at first, after a few more drinks their husbands, Lewis and Joe warmed to the idea, and soon everyone was swallowing green pills marked with a large X that Laura had kept for years but been too afraid to use. In a matter of minutes, the husbands were kneeling before their wives, tugging their tits out of their dresses while the wives whipped their cocks out, already hard.

Whatever nervousness the wives had left quickly disappeared as they tried to suppress laughter at their partners’ clumsy attempts to suck cock. Joe had closed his eyes, sticking his tongue out blindly to feel around, while Lewis opened his mouth as big as a catfish, unsure of how to approach.