Revenge (Part 5)


Craig groaned as he shot another load over Lynn and Linda’s faces, savouring the sight of the two horny bitches licking up his cum. He’d been taking turns fucking each of his conquests for the better part of the day, taking them in every position, hole, and room of Linda’s house. Every time he’d get tired or felt drained, he’d take a small swig of the sweet pink liquid, and suddenly his cock would harden again and he’d feel like he could run a marathon.

In the other room he heard the door open. He looked at his watch. Right on time. He thought to himself, wiping the last of his cum across Lynn’s pink lips.



Craig turned around and saw his girlfriend, Lindsay, standing in the hallway, staring daggers at him as he stood naked over the two giggling bimbos she didn’t yet know to be her mother and grandmother.

“You haven’t answered any of my calls all day, and then you invite me to my grandmother’s house and see you like this!” Lacey screamed, “Who the fuck are these sluts… No, you what, fuck you! You know I cheated on you with Travis right?”

“I’m fully aware,” Craig responded, looking over Lacey’s shoulder, “Okay Lindsay, just like I showed you.”

“Lindsay? Is my sister he-” Lacey was cut short as Lindsay snuck up from behind and grabbed her by the hair. Tilting Lacey’s head back, Lindsay poured a cup of sweet pink liquid down her sister’s throat, causing her to gag and splutter.

“What the fuck was that?! Who are you… woah… what was in that… uh, I feel weird.” Lacey mumbled, falling to her knees.

Craig watched, contented, as Lacey’s figure began to change. All over her body, Lacey’s hair began to recede, with the exception of her head, where it began to sprout blonde roots. Her lips puffed up and turned a dark shade of red, while her skin cleared of any blemishes or spots. Her tits, barely a B-cup before, ballooned out from her chest, while her waist slimmed, and her ass developed into two round globes.

It was so arousing that Craig could already feel his dick boiling over, although that might have been a side effect of the sweet pink liquid. He walked forward, his conquests timidly gathering behind him, and pushed Lacey back onto a nearby sofa. He brought her hand to his cock, pulsing with anticipation. He came in long, thick ropes, splattering her tits, her neckline, and her face, before wiping the last drop off on her forehead.


“This is what you deserve for being a cheating little slut, isn’t it?” Craig demanded, “Do you want my cock, Lacey?” Lacey nodded timidly, reaching out to grasp him, as her other hand hovered around her pussy and her hair continued to turn blonde.


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