Revenge (Part 4)


And then her grandmother.

Craig had always though Linda looked good for her age. Even in her 60s, the woman had a handsome smile, full breasts, and a toned body.

She’d never liked Craig though. He never knew what it was, but every time he’d met Lacey’s grandma, she’d made no effort to hide her disdain, constantly belittling him on his job, his prospects, his manners, even his looks. Lacey had never stood up for him, since everyone knew that Linda was the undisputed boss in the family.

She’d been to hardest for Craig to acquire. As soon as he showed up at her door, she took one look and slammed the door in his face. But he had a back up plan. He snuck into her house later and slipped the sweet pink liquid into her whisky cabinet.

That night, after what Craig judged to be enough time for Linda to get into her whisky, he knocked on the door again.

This time, the Linda that came to the door looked nothing like the hag he knew. This one, standing completely naked in the door way, looked like a Barbie doll. Platinum blonde hair, long manicured nails, dick-sucking lips, two plastic beach balls sticking off her chest, and completely hairless from the neck down. Damn, how much did she drink? Thought Craig, looking her up and down.

He was rougher with her than the others. Lots of frustration to get out. After a few seconds, he stepped in through the doorway and held her by the shoulders, pushing her forcefully onto her knees, where she fell on her new plump butt with a squeak. He then unbuckled his pants and with the door still open shoved his cock down her throat.

She gave another squeal of surprise at the sight of his cock, which turned into a gag. After a moment her newly bimbofied throats muscles relaxed and she let him fuck her throat, which made an obsceneĀ Gluck Gluck Gluck that could be heard down the street.

After a few minutes of rough face-fucking, Craig finally unloaded himself onto her face, using her hair to wipe himself up.


Not so judgemental now when you’re drowning in cum are you? Craig thought as he picked her up and bent her over the nearby couch. “Stay like that slut,” he ordered as he pulled his phone ot of his pocket to dial in a number, meanwhile lining up his already stiffening cock against Linda’s ass, “I think I’m gonna invite a few people over.”


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