Revenge (Part 3)


Her mom came next.

Craig had always had a thing for Lacey’s mom, Lynn. Her shapely figure, long brown hair, and most of all smoky, seductive eyes had caused her to catch him ogling more than once.

Although she never said anything, he’d noticed over time she’d started teasing him, knowing that her body turned him on. Low-cut tops, bending over the pick things up, the occasional wink here and there. It never went further than that, but Craig suspected that she was feeling a bit lonely since the divorce with Lindsay’s dad.

So it had all been a bit too easy for Craig to invite himself over for tea one day, and offer to bring his ‘special recipe,’ a sweet pink liquid with he slipped in along with the milk and sugar.

“You’ve always wanted to suck this cock haven’t you?” Craig asked, as the newly bimbofied Lynn dropped to her knees in front of him, discarded the top she’d just moments ago been trying to tease him with. “You’ve been acting like a both in heat since your husband left, huh?”

As she struggled to hold onto her inhibitions, intelligence and memories, slipping away as her bust expanded, her roots turned blonde, and her lips puffed out, all Lynn could manage was a timid nod.


Maybe now Lacey will believe me when I tell her that her mom’s coming on to me. Though Craig as the last reservations of the  blonde bimbo kneeling in front of him slipped away, and she reached into his pants to fish out his cock.


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