Revenge (Part 2)


Her little sister was first.

Lacey had always been overprotective of her little sister Lindsay, who might have been the most innocent-to-the-ways-of-the-world person Craig had ever met. Having just turned 18, she’d never drank, smoked, and was definitely still holding onto her V-Card.

All of which made her incredibly naive, and all the most easy for Craig to convince to drink the sweet pink liquid he offered her.


“Who’s my little slut now?” Craig asked as the newly transformed Lindsay loudly slurped on his cock. “Mmph-mm… I am!” She cooed enthusiastically. Even though the process had erased most of her memories, it felt like she was making up for all the missed experiences she hadn’t had over the years.

Try to be overprotective of her now Lacey! Thought Craig as he unloaded all over Lindsay’s new bimbofied face and tits.


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